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Fully Qualified

Modern Pilates Instructor

What people say

Donna D

I’ve been attending for over year now and wouldn’t miss it. Jane teaches the classes for all ages and levels and it helps both mind and body strength. Highly recommended.

Alison C

I have been attending Jane's classes for a few weeks now and they have really helped to improve the lower back pain and sciatica that I was suffering from. Jane is extremely knowledgeable and teaches in a professional, calm and relaxing manner with particular attention to posture and core work. It was just the class I was looking for.

Alexandra R

The classes are relaxing but challenging in a good way - exactly what I was looking for. Jane couldn't be doing anything better.

The benefits

Increased mobility & flexibility

Promote better posture & aid rehabilitation

Strengthen core areas including stomach, bottom & spine

Prevent hip, shoulder, knee and back pain

Body condition, relax & unwind

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